CS 488 – Updates – Week 5

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  • I found a data set that would be the easiest to recreate results with
    • I just need to merge the data set of credible news and the data set of non-credible news with an added column denoting whether it was real or fake to be able to test
  • However, I ran into a major hiccup because Weka crashed and I can no longer open it.
    • I am documenting the errors and trying to reinstall it and fix but because for some reason I can’ t delete some of the old folders and so I still have not gotten Weka to start back up again
    • My hypothesis is that one of the packages is failing the whole opening process because I don’t have R on this machine
    • I am also afraid of force deleting the folder because I have no idea how it will affect Weka or my computer
  • I did successfully complete my outline but I do not have enough information to fill out the Results section and anything regarding my exact methodology.

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