CS488 – Elevator Pitch

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Information informs our entire lives. Information shapes public opinion which shapes things like public policy, elections, the health and safety of the public, and more. No one is above the harm that can come from misinformation, which is why we need to fight against its spread.

Fake News as an area of research is relatively new and so some of the aspects are not very well researched, and new aspects to research pop up. Some existing problems in this research are that all of the solutions to these aspects are made in isolation, therefore no one solution can be used to find all instances of fake news, and that most solutions do not have an accessible, comprehensive user platform to disseminate their solution to the people.

This solution that I will provide will be a functional model of a user platform that demonstrates how an engaging and accessible one-stop-shop for fake news detection can work. It allows the user to interact in many different ways that require different levels of effort and is able to scale to include many different automatic detection methods.

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