CS488 – Welcome Post

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This is my first post for CS488.

  • Met with Ajit to plan the next few weeks, and decided to start the data collection this week.
  • Edited the timeline a little bit to include implementation of the project.
  • I’ve shared my box folder with Dave and Charlie and will soon be contacting Andy Moore for access to volumetric data collected by the Geology students across campus.

Weekly update 4

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  • Met with Andy Moore and talked about projects regarding natural disasters.
    • Realized that many of the ideas were too big for a semester, and started researching in Earthquake Early Warning systems
  • Worked on Quiz 2, and collected papers for each topic.
  • Worked on Annotated bibliography.

Weekly update 3

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  • Read the papers about how to read a paper.
    • Met with Michael Lerner regarding one of the strategies talked about in his research last year.
  • Found 5-7 papers related to each of the three topic areas.
  • Attempted the Quiz 1 for CS388.

Weekly Update 2

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  • Met with Ajit to filter ideas regarding parallel computing, and machine learning.
  • Emailed Andy Moore in Geology to talk about Earthquake and Tsunami predictions.
  • Emailed Charlie for suggestions regarding my Structure From Motion idea.
  • Searched for more specific┬ádetails on work done in similar areas.