Senior Capstone 3 Ideas

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  • Improved Earlham Directory

I want to work on a system that manages courses, students and registration similar to Earlham directory but with better management and user-interface. The project will entail a large scale design and breakdown of the problem into smaller subproblems. I will need to learn to work on managing database, and perhaps writing a REST api to create the communication between the system and the database. It will involve easy to understand graphics, and a user friendly interface.


  • Uber-like system for buses

I want to build a system similar to Uber- online tracking, separate accounts for users and online payment. The project will entail several moving pieces. I will need to use different tools in order to store the data, process payments, and have authorization in place. A great portion of the project will be designing and understanding how to make the different pieces work together.


  • Stock price prediction using social media

The project will be on predicting the price movements and trends of stocks based on the sentiments expressed on social media or newspapers. This will involve parsing and sentiment analysis of the data and studying its comparison with the price trend of a group of stocks. The project will entail usage of different sources for managing and parsing the input sentiments. A great portion of it will also be on using machine learning to study the correlation between the price and polarity of sentiments.

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