CS-488 Nov 28 Update

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This and the previous week, I spend my time trying to beat my way through a variety of problems related to one specific module of my project’s code. After talking over it with my adviser I have shifted both that piece of code and what should be taking my priority. The original model of my project was that, after the blockchain authenticated a ‘website’ so that it could access a user’s ‘cookie’ file, the functions would be passed over to the user from the website’s server to the user’s. My adviser suggested I simply change this so that the user has both the file and the functions, and that the website simply sends a signal if the blockchain transaction was approved. The actual process of the functions on the cookie file are not as important as the blockchain authentications, which is the center of the project.

The refocusing suggestion was also on everything related to my experiment, such as the details of my experimentation, and the discussion of further research. Leave it so that I have as much done as possible, with that window left for my experimental results.

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