CS-488 Nov 28 Update

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This and the previous week, I spend my time trying to beat my way through a variety of problems related to one specific module of my project’s code. After talking over it with my adviser I have shifted both that piece of code and what should be taking my priority. The original model of my project was that, after the blockchain authenticated a ‘website’ so that it could access a user’s ‘cookie’ file, the functions would be passed over to the user from the website’s server to the user’s. My adviser suggested I simply change this so that the user has both the file and the functions, and that the website simply sends a signal if the blockchain transaction was approved. The actual process of the functions on the cookie file are not as important as the blockchain authentications, which is the center of the project.

The refocusing suggestion was also on everything related to my experiment, such as the details of my experimentation, and the discussion of further research. Leave it so that I have as much done as possible, with that window left for my experimental results.

CS-488 Update 8

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Worked on my final paper some more, as well as familiarizing myself with my two-node blockchain set-up. I’m still working out how to integrate my other modules into the system, particularly how to pass a function from one server to another through the chain, but I am making progress and anticipate that I will be finished with that tomorrow at the latest. I’ve taken a glance at how my poster will be set-up, but it’s been a tertiary concern for the past few days.

CS-488 Update 7

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I have successfully set up a blockchain system, and run experiments to familiarize with how it works and the involved processes. My first draft of the paper is mostly complete and will be ready by the deadline tonight. It will not be a complete paper, as the evaluation and conclusion sections will be mostly empty. Advice and consultation from Ajit on the paper is making me restructure some things, and has given me a better reference point for what is required and expected. The paper right now also does not have direct citations to any of the references, as the documentation on how that part works is confusing me. I decided to move that part of the work to the second draft.

CS488 – Update 6

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Last week I was able to set-up a two node blockchain on the Earlham Cluster, after working through technical issues with the help of Craig. However, I discovered several problems with this structure this week. I couldn’t re-access an already created chain, and getting nodes to connect to it was giving me errors. Unfortunately I had spent the Thursday and Friday of that week working on my draft and module designs, so by the time I encountered the problem I wasn’t able to meet and discuss with Craig until Monday. We talked about it and are working on solving the issue together, but he said he needs to poke around and look at things in the cluster. I tried experimenting with the issue on my end, using the program on my desktop and laptop computer, as well as ssh-ing into the servers, and have had little results to show for it.

CS488 – Update 5

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After talking to Ajit about the problems I have been running into with my virtual machines I’ve made the decision to switch to using the Earlham servers for the purpose of running my experiments and collecting data. There‚Äôs only one thing that still needs to be worked out and I intend to talk to Ajit about it. Due to poor sleep and bad time management over the last few days I am not as far as long as I should be, and I have not been able to run experiments yet. I will move correct this in the coming weeks and aim to catch back up to the work.

CS488 – Update 4

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I’ve laid down the bare bones for my thesis paper.


With the main project however, I am running into problems with my virtual machines and blockchain code, rather I keep running into problem after problem with them. I plan on talking to my adviser about this and try to figure out something. Biggest issue is that I can reliable to collect and study my data until I get this set up, which is a problem.

CS-488 Update 3

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Have found a working software for my Virtual Machines and the blockchain program to run on them, was harder to find than I thought it would be. I have my timeline finished and solidified thanks to my talk with Ajit, so I know what I am doing week by week. I am difficulty actually installing the blockchain onto my Virtual Machines and am not entirely sure why, need to investigate that now and get back on-top of things.

Also have a number of small website files to run on the program for the purposes of my tests. Will see how they work when I get the system fully set up.

Ben FS / CS-488 / Update 1

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Have set up and arranged weekly meeting times with Ajit as my adviser. We’ll be meeting weekly at 4:00pm on Wednesday.

I have better evaluated what pitfalls and goals I will need to be aware of for my research, and have worked on re-evaluating my timeline. The protocols for managing the data are important, as well as the time overhead of the whole system, and so regular testing and experimentation are going to be important in working things out.

I have also found a few good virtual machines to run my tests on, still selecting which specific one I’ll use..