January 23 Update

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I have gotten off to a relatively smooth start on my project. Xunfei is going to be my adviser and I have scheduled a meeting with her for tomorrow morning. I have prepared to present on my topic in class tomorrow. The majority of my time this week I spent starting my project implementation. I am still learning how to use Max/Jitter effectively but here are some of the things I have done:

-Map color values to MIDI notes.

-Map a saw waveform function over the x axis with scale relative to note frecuency

-Make the saw function scroll horizontally at a rate relative to frequency

-Crossfade the color and waveform matrices

With all of this together, my projects output visual output represents a single note at a time. Obviously it is a pretty rough version of what I want the eventually single note visualization to look like but the foundation of representing tone through color and pitch through wave frequency is functional and has no noticeable latency between note press and display.

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