March 27 update

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This week ive been working on revising my paper according to the feedback i got and suggestions from Xunfei.

Ive been trying to polish out any remaining functionality issues and format it better for presentations.

March 6th update

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This week I have been working on my paper both revising the submitted partial draft and adding the portions that were not done yet.

I have also done some work on my project itself. I have been doing a lot of refactoring. I made it so all the variations I am testing can be turned on and off via toggle buttons and all things that need to be initialized to run the patch are accessible in the main patch window instead of having to open the subpatches. I also revised portions of my project that had large repeated sections of code. 

February 20th Update

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-I created a large variation to my algorithm that spacializes the visualization based on the ratios just intonation ratio instead of being directly correlated to the frequencies. This involved implenting a new module that calculates the just intonation ratio and scales the sine wave visuals to that.

-I created tables to use in my paper draft and started turning my outline into my draft.

Feb 13th update

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This week I did the following tasks:

-Met with Dave about the structure of my outline and my experimental results section

-Met with Forrest to get feedback on my work.

-Began to work on a new variation of my algorithm based on Forrest’s feedback

-Read chapter 5 in writing for computer science

Feb 6 update

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This week I accomplished several things:

-Reconfigured the way my patch combines matrices to avoid issues I was having w crossfade

-implenented horizontal movement after note press

-Organized parts of my project into sub-patches and cleaned up some stuff

-Implemented envelopes connected to sound and video out

-Created an outline for my paper 

January 30 Update

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Here is what I worked on for my project this week:

-Worked with poly tool to process two simultaneous notes.

-Got it working but temporarily disabled the circle of fifths map table-Now midi messages are sent to two paths for separate notes.

-Using xfade to combine matrices is not good, colors are still evenly distributed throughout the whole matrix instead of following freq mapping.

-Patch is getting crowded need to figure out in and out tool to split up and organize project.

-Talked with Xunfei about getting Max installed on some Earlham laptops

January 23 Update

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I have gotten off to a relatively smooth start on my project. Xunfei is going to be my adviser and I have scheduled a meeting with her for tomorrow morning. I have prepared to present on my topic in class tomorrow. The majority of my time this week I spent starting my project implementation. I am still learning how to use Max/Jitter effectively but here are some of the things I have done:

-Map color values to MIDI notes.

-Map a saw waveform function over the x axis with scale relative to note frecuency

-Make the saw function scroll horizontally at a rate relative to frequency

-Crossfade the color and waveform matrices

With all of this together, my projects output visual output represents a single note at a time. Obviously it is a pretty rough version of what I want the eventually single note visualization to look like but the foundation of representing tone through color and pitch through wave frequency is functional and has no noticeable latency between note press and display.

November 14th Update

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This week I did a lot of research into how jitter works and how it communicates with max and msp objects. In the process I found a few more helpful sources to replace some of the less relevant related works that I have. The past couple of days I did some programming on a max patch to familiarize myself with the basics of converting an audio signal into jitter output. I still have a lot to figure out but I was able to create a visual representation of a basic sine wave. I learned about audio sample rates and how to buffer an audio stream into a matrix.

November 7 Update

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My proposal adviser will be Dave. We met last friday to talk about my project idea. one note he gave me was to be clear what parameters I will use to measure my success since my project is almost completely software designing as opposed to research. Over the next few weeks I need to revise my proposal and prototype some basic features of my audiovisual synth.

October 31 update

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This week I accomplished these tasks:

-found the rest of my 15 sources for my paper

-Met with Xunfei to discuss my design outline

-wrote my project proposal

-Did a second pass of a few of my papers

October 17 Update

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This week I dedicated my time towards designing my proposal idea. After my literature review I decided I wanted to continue my audiovisual project. I read through the documentation for the jitter programming language to see what would be feasible to work on. Then I designed a basic architecture for how the synthesizer would convert MIDI note messages into visuals.

October 10 update

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This week I made good progress in my research. Here are some of the things I have done:

-Met with Forrest Tobey to discuss his past research involving motion tracking virtual instruments as well as visual capabilities of the Max/MSP/Jitter programming language

-Condensed my research papers that I will be using and selected 8 for each literature review

-worked extensively on writing my literature reviews

september 19th update

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My project ideas have been evolving since starting to research articles. My main fields of research have been in audiovisual synthesis, motion control for virtual instruments, and algorithmic music composition. I have found lots of articles including a good one by alumni Edward Ly that relates very directly. I think his project will be very useful for what I want to work on. He was focusing on conducting an orchestra which is not what I want to do, but I think there should be some overlap and hopefully I could build off of some of his work. I’m still scratching the surface of the research field though and have lots more to find out.

Weekly update

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-I met with Kendall to get my ACM membership

-I continued refining my ideas.

-I talked with music professor Forrest Tobey about my ideas and projects that the music department is interested in.