Week 1 Ideas

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Topic Name: Earlham Tennis App

Developing an app to use it as a way of improvement for the tennis players. Entering data during matches to get score stats, errors and serve percentages. All this data will be stored in a database and could be accessed at any time. 

Topic Name: Box Office App

Again, develop a mobile application to manage the Earlham Box Office. Users would be able to look at the event schedule, purchase tickets. To make it efficient, the student data will have to be obtained in order to find from the directory. 

Topic Name: Sensor

If possible, make a sensor that would be attached to the tennis racquet determining how much strength is used and how many balls were hit in a span of time. This would be collected and according to the body analytics of the player, it can be determined how to improve the performance. The stats can then be seen on a web application.

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