CS 488 – Week 14

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I completed the second draft of my paper which required changes in the diagram, motivation for the project. The final draft shall have all the required and suggested materials. I am working on the final version of the poster which requires similar changes as the paper. Currently the application is in testing process. The QR code generation, scanning and the user login/logout process is all set. The aim is to improve the return books feature by adding an additional security layer to prevent book thefts. The librarian gets a list of books away from the library on the homepage and the student is charged a fine if its returned late. 

CS 488 – Week 13

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The second video was primarily focussed on the student application. As of now, a user can search for books based on categories like sports, academics, fiction, etc. They can issue books by scanning the QR code as well. The homepage of the student app needs some work, it will show which book is currently issued and give a brief history of the user and their activities in the library. In the coming week, I shall work on the 2nd draft of my poster, hope to complete the project and work on testing.

CS 488 – Week 12

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I downloaded some past posters to understand how to present my project idea through a poster. Working on the second draft of paper. Finishing up the admin app, in progress to complete all the features of the student app by the end of this week.

CS 488 – Week 11

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I submitted the second software video. Finishing up the first version of the poster. I also received feedback on the first draft of my paper from Charlie, and discussed the paper and feedback with Charlie. Got valuable suggestion to work and improve in the second draft.

CS 488 – Week 9

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Working on the logout procedure and to be able to pull up books from the database correctly when the QR code is scanned. The profile page of the librarian and student needs some design elements since the users can view the profile page to see the history of books issued. Planning on working on the second video in the coming week.

CS 488 – Week 7

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My project is an application used in a library to issue and return books using QR code. The primary usage of this app is in college libraries. Using personal smartphones, users can scan the QR code and check out the books which reduce human work and reduces the average time spent in the library. Users can also search for any book in the library and learn basic information rapidly.

The login data and book data is stored in a firebase database. The librarian application involves 3-4 staff users who can manage the flow of books through the app and when a fraud activity takes place they get notified. 

CS 488 – Week 6

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Completed the paper outline. Working on the first draft as per the feedback received on the outline. Plan to complete the draft this week and present the first version of the project next week. I am still working on the QR code generation and scanning. 

CS 488 – Week 5

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User login and authentication is complete. New user is able to sign and save details in the database. Sample set of 20 books to be used as testing data. Currently I am figuring out QR code scanning and generating new QR code’s. Next week scanning will work and books can be scanned and retrieved from DB.

CS 488 – Week 3

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I worked on the login page and setup and almost done with the forget password setup. I have to decide on the database for the login, whether it will be single data base or sql for the whole application. I plan on working on the User interface features in the coming week. This involves setting up a db to store books, setting storage attributes etc. This is the main portion of the project and shall take the most time.

CS 488 – Week 2

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Working on the login and sign up system. Reading existing papers that talk about such system. Sign up will be via Zimbra only since using Facebook and other applications could lead to fraud accounts. The home page would be ready by next week.

CS 488 – Week 1

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I am getting familiar with Android studio. As per my timeline, the first step in the application is to implement the login system. Aim is to decide by end of this week whether to use Firebase and SQL or only SQL. I have to speak to Charlie regarding this. I revised my project through the first presentation, submitted the advisor form. Next week, work on the application should begin!

CS 388 – Week 14 – Update

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This week I worked on the final proposal. Feedback from the second draft indicated that there were some grammar and structure errors. I added the testing and abstract sections. I hope to finish the proposal by the end of this week.

CS 388 – Week 12 – Update

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Discussed the feedback on the first draft with Xunfei. Got valuable feedback and planning to implement them in the second draft. I am searching for the algorithms to be used in the SLMS and working on the second draft.

CS 388 – Week 10 – Update

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Uploaded papers I have finalized for the proposal. I will meet Xunfei to confirm the papers and talk more about the first draft. I have made an appointment with the writing center for the first draft. I spoke to the library desk and Jose regarding the project and got suitable feedback.

CS 388 – Week 9 – Update

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I met with Xunfei to improve my design outline for the proposal outline. I completed the outline on the box site. I am trying to find more ways to improve the existing system and see if there is anything else I can add. I found additional papers on QR code security, so I am learning how to avoid thefts with QR codes.

CS 388 – Week 7 – Update

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This week I mainly finished my LR and spoke in detail regarding the project idea with Xunfei. It seems I like I know which technology to progress with and eliminate the two I was debating before. I also worked on my basic design outline.

CS 388 – Week 6 – Update

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In the past week, I have found papers for the literature review, started working on the paper. I have to talk with my advisor regarding the papers. I also found that the QR code would be a viable option rather than a barcode. QR code can store data horizontally and vertically whereas only vertically in the barcode.

CS 388 – Week 5 – Update

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In the past week, I read 3 more papers for each idea. I spoke to the faculty regarding the 3 ideas to decide which one is feasible for the final project. Some papers I found are listed below. I will work on the bib assign 2 based on the feedback on assign 1.

News Idea

  • A. S. Das, M. Datar, A. Garg, and S. Rajaram, “Google news personalization:scalable online collaborative filtering,” in Proceedings of the 16th international conference on World Wide Web. ACM, 2007, pp.271–280.
  • M. Tavakolifard, J. A. Gulla, K. C. Almeroth, J. E. Ingvaldesn, G. Nygreen, and E. Berg, “Tailored news in the palm of your hand: a multiperspective transparent approach to news recommendation,” in Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on World Wide Web. ACM, 2013, pp. 305–308.

NBA Idea

  • J. Kahn, “Neural network prediction of nfl football games,” May 2003,
  • J. Shin and R. Gasparyan, “A novel way to soccer match prediction, May 2014.

Library Idea

  • R. Dinesh, S. A. Pravin, M. Aravindhan, and D. Rajeswari, “Library access system smartphone application using android,” International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 142–149, 2015.
  • G. McCarthy and S. Wilson, “Isbn and qr barcode scanning mobile app or libraries,” Code4Lib Journal, no. 13, 2011.

CS388 – Week 4 – Update

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I visited the writing center for bibliography help and to sort out the papers. I was able to remove some irrelevant papers and finish up my assignment. The library management idea seems to be my project idea and I am exploring similar systems to get some help.

CS388 – Week 3 – Update

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I spoke with Xunfei regarding the three ideas. Currently, I am reading through similar papers and figuring out which idea I will finalize. I have selected the papers for the next assignment and going through the first pass for the bibliography.

CS388 – Week 2 – Other 2 Ideas

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Idea 2 – Library Management Mobile Application

The library management system is a tool to organise the library automatically without requiring

human intervention to issue books, track record of books in library, and perform day to day

actions required to maintain and run a library. Our software solution will systematically keep track

of all the books in the library, by storing the section name, rack number, row number, etc that is

the essential data required to locate any book in the library.

It will allow students and other users of the library to issue the book by scanning the barcode on

the book. Our system will send the student a notification to remind them to return back the book

on due date and simultaneously inform the librarian as well.

Students can also search and find the number of available editions of all the books in the library

using a tab application that shall be available at the reception of the library.

The aim of the project is to automate all the processes in the library and reduce the effort of the

library staff and increasing the efficiency of book issuing process in the library

Additionally what can be done is to store the books issued by students and recommend them to

issue similar books based on their selection.

Idea 3 – News Filtering using Web-scrapping

Lot of people avoid news due to the vast topics present in everyday’s news. Young people prefer

news related to sports or technology while old people are more used to the country news and

politics. That is just for an example, anyone can like any kind of news. We develop an app in

which reading news is made easier, faster and enjoyable. An android app which is used to filter

news based on user recommendations using web scrapping or ml algorithms. A user can create

their account on the app and search for any news they want. The app will produce the most

relevant and popular content from the web. If a user types tennis, roger Federer then the top most

viewed articles will show up which contain content related to both the key words. The user’s

history will also be saved and gradually the app will provide recommendations of the certain

category of news. If the user searches for tennis 2-3 times then 4th time they will be given option

of news from tennis and other sports close to tennis or the most popular ones at that time.

CS388 – Week 1 – First Idea

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Predicting the winner of a NBA match

Usage of technology to help in the correct outcome of sports. The goal is to predict the winner of an NBA game using machine learning techniques. This is done on the based of the factors that have influence on the match and which ones are useful for the team in winning the match.

Machine Learning, Python

DDR4 8gb ram, 700 mb space for spider ide and project files, intel i3 7th gen processor an above.

No hardware required.

We will use this dataset to find out the entropy, which is nothing but a reward system that shall be used to calculate the probability of winning of the two teams playing the current match.

We will use various factors to calculate the entropy, for example, affect of injury of players in the outcome of a match, past performance of players in the season, home court or away court, past record and scores of players against the opposition team, grudges in between two players of opposition team, record of the coach, etc.

The project brings a unique way to predict the winner which can be helpful to lot of betting agencies, match analysers. We shall use our algorithm while the match is being played to dynamically take into effect of any possible injuries or fouls that the players may commit during the match. This will give a better number to calculate the probability of winning of both the teams.

The difficulties encountered would be getting the right accuracy level, trying different algorithms for the correct score, large quantity of data to access. 

Weekly Update

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Read the CS papers help documents to understand how to read and understand the long papers.

Finding difficulties in searching for papers directly related to my ideas. Read a couple of papers according to the instructions which helped understand the material.

Weekly Update

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Met with Dave and Ajit to discuss the 3 ideas. The first 2 ideas were supported and I received some extra information about some features I can add to the project.

ACM membership is set- up and I am trying to refine the 3 ideas by looking up CS papers and discussing with fellow peers.

Week 1 Ideas

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Topic Name: Earlham Tennis App

Developing an app to use it as a way of improvement for the tennis players. Entering data during matches to get score stats, errors and serve percentages. All this data will be stored in a database and could be accessed at any time. 

Topic Name: Box Office App

Again, develop a mobile application to manage the Earlham Box Office. Users would be able to look at the event schedule, purchase tickets. To make it efficient, the student data will have to be obtained in order to find from the directory. 

Topic Name: Sensor

If possible, make a sensor that would be attached to the tennis racquet determining how much strength is used and how many balls were hit in a span of time. This would be collected and according to the body analytics of the player, it can be determined how to improve the performance. The stats can then be seen on a web application.