CS 388 – Week 5 – Update

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In the past week, I read 3 more papers for each idea. I spoke to the faculty regarding the 3 ideas to decide which one is feasible for the final project. Some papers I found are listed below. I will work on the bib assign 2 based on the feedback on assign 1.

News Idea

  • A. S. Das, M. Datar, A. Garg, and S. Rajaram, “Google news personalization:scalable online collaborative filtering,” in Proceedings of the 16th international conference on World Wide Web. ACM, 2007, pp.271–280.
  • M. Tavakolifard, J. A. Gulla, K. C. Almeroth, J. E. Ingvaldesn, G. Nygreen, and E. Berg, “Tailored news in the palm of your hand: a multiperspective transparent approach to news recommendation,” in Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on World Wide Web. ACM, 2013, pp. 305–308.

NBA Idea

  • J. Kahn, “Neural network prediction of nfl football games,” May 2003,
  • J. Shin and R. Gasparyan, “A novel way to soccer match prediction, May 2014.

Library Idea

  • R. Dinesh, S. A. Pravin, M. Aravindhan, and D. Rajeswari, “Library access system smartphone application using android,” International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 142–149, 2015.
  • G. McCarthy and S. Wilson, “Isbn and qr barcode scanning mobile app or libraries,” Code4Lib Journal, no. 13, 2011.

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