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Here are my ideas for topics! Another post with some cost analyses is coming soon!

Topic Name: Real-time management using Augmented Reality 

Topic Description: Examine the applications of Head-Mounted augmented reality displays such as HoloLens or Project Northstar in real-time management scenarios like Theatre Stage Management or NASA rocket launch management and implement a basic proof of concept software to eventually be used in the Theatre department as part of my Theatre Capstone.

Topic Name: Using real-time spacial mapping to improve calling for stage managers during performances

Topic Description: Examine the feasibility of using technologies such as Kinect 2.0 in the area of theatre to allow stage managers to keep better track of the positions etc of their actors, allowing them to make more accurate cue calls when their vision of the actors might be obscured, and implement a proof-of-concept application for use in my Theatre Capstone.

Topic Name: Using micro controllers to facilitate cross-device communication and control

Topic Description: Use Arduinos or Raspberry Pis to allow two or more very different devices to be controlled by another device.  For example, allow Qlab on a computer and cues on a light board to be controlled from a single application running on a different computer.  If feasible, make a proof-of-concept for use in my Theatre Capstone.

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