Mega Update

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This is a mega update on my to make up for several weeks of missing updates.

  • I did a preliminary cost analysis for my first idea, which would result in either a budget of $400 or $3500 depending on what hardware i went with.
  • I applied for the Yunger Fellowship as a funding source to be able to afford the hardware needed for my first project idea.  I did not end up getting it, unfortunately, and so called in a favor for an alternative source of funding.
  • In the midst of my research, I discovered that as near as I can tell, no one has ever published research on applying Augmented Reality to the Management aspect of theater, only the artistic side.
  • I decided to combine my first and second ideas and switch from using Microsoft Hololens as the hardware to Leap Motion’s Project NorthStar, an open-source Augmented Reality device, after Microsoft decided that they couldn’t care less about small independent developer types such as myself.
  • After settling on NorthStar, i started delving into the Unity API’s as well as sourcing hardware and 3D printing capabilities.
  • Currently, I am waiting for the Leap Motion sensor to arrive in the mail so i can do concrete work with the APIs, and for my test print to finish to determine if i need to buy the recommended filament or if the one we use will suffice.

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