CS388 – Week 1 – First Idea

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  1. Name of Your Project

Penetration testing to show the weaknesses of businesses

  • What research topic/question your project is going to address?

What results can be gained from businesses investing in someone do penetration  

  • What technology will be used in your project

Personal computer & Network Adapter

  • What software and hardware will be needed for your project?

Kali Linux OS, Virtual Box

  • How are you planning to implement?

Using the Network Adapter and Kali Linux’s built in features, access to a specific network becomes easier. Goals are described at the beginning and the attack is centered around those goals.

  • How is your project different from others? What’s new in your project?

Other than Byron Roosa who graduated a few years ago, I am the only student who has had a security interest so this makes my project unique from others. My project is centered around helping the community. A penetration tests sole purpose is to help a business detect security flaws.

  • What’s the difficulties of your project? What problems you might encounter during your project?

An obvious difficulty with my project is the legality associated with hacking. Getting a business to allow me to do this would take some convincing. Learning to navigate Kali Linux correctly would also be a difficulty.

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