CS388 – Week 12 – Update

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During the past week, I finished the first draft of my proposal and started to make those changes for the second draft. I have also continued reading some papers for their next pass. I continued to watch videos and read content related to the USB Rubber Ducky. I have started to put together some scripts that I would like to use for the attack. I also spoke with Charlie to refine my methods for the physical attacks I am going to implement. I now have a better/ more related CS implementation for this attack than what I previously had. During this next week, I am going to be working more with Metasploit on Kali Linux. 

CS388 – Week 10 – Update

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During this past week, I have revised how I want to implement my social engineering attack. I want to use what is called a USB rubber ducky where you insert a MicroSD card into the USB. This card has payloads on it which you insert into the victims computer and then the payload is executed. Many different types of payloads can be written. These scripts are written in a language called duck script.

Charlie and I also discussed how to better implement my physical attack. This includes using a wireless adapter as well as ethernet cords to jack into ports around campus and see how easily I can get in.

CS388 – Week 9 – Updates

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For this week, I wrote my proposal outline. During the next two weeks I will use this to construct the 1st draft of my proposal. I also spoke with Charlie about taking a different approach to the social engineering aspect of my project. Most of these I have found YouTube videos to demonstrate and describe the process but I have yet to find any hard research.

I also constructed more details for implementing the technical part of my project. This will also be discussed with Craig.

CS388 – Week 6 – Update

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This week, I finalized who my advisor will be (Charlie). I also decided that I will be working on my security testing idea as my main project. To start this, I spoke with Brendan Post (IT) to discuss my ideas. He was happy to help me and I will be in further discussion with him as I move forward with my proposal.

I also found a couple other papers related to my idea. There was one that had much more lower level detail and actuially described the implementation of their testing. The researchers used Kali Linux to hack into a router through different ways such as SSH, Telnet, and SNMP. There were images that showed the commands they used. It was the first article I found to have a lot of low-level detail.

CS388 – Week 5 – Update

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I spoke with Charlie this past week and we both decided that my first idea is my best one. So, I decided this was the one I was going to pursue my penetration testing idea and found 6 more articles for this.

A couple of the articles I found were about professors having/teaching a first-time hacking course. It was really cool to see the different designs of the classes. There was a general theme of keeping a subset of computers in a controlled environment and then allowing the students to work from there. One article included a complete description of their syllabus and the assignments of the course. This was helpful as it gave me an idea as to what software was being used in these courses.

CS388- Week4- Update

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For this week, I created my annotated bibliographies for 2 papers of each of my 3 ideas. I also spoke with Charlie and refined 2 of 3 ideas. For my penetration testing idea, instead of making the project solely on the technical side, I want to basically have three phases of this project- technical, social, and physical. I plan to speak w/ Brendan Post in ITS and see how I could implement this at Earlham. I’d plan to publish the results of this testing to where other schools could do something similar.

In regards to the bibliography, one of my ideas is tracking Digital Footprints of users and I found a paper where the researchers created their own piece of software that was a blend of a password manager and an auditing service. I thought of being able to do something similar and create my own piece of software but with additional features.

CS388- Week3- Update

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For this week, I updated my 3 proposal ideas and met with Charlie to review and seek his advice. Prior to this meeting, I found my 5 articles for each and used these discuss potential problems if each idea was used.

Post meeting w/ Charlie, I read a little deeper into the articles and now have a better idea on which proposal I may want to further investigate. Before I ead into the articles, I read the two PDF’s on Moodle about reading research papers and tried to implement this into my first and second pass of each article.

CS388 – Week 2 – Three Ideas

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1st Idea

My 1st idea pretty much stayed the same as it was last week w/ some additional details. Instead of just testing/researching about network security, Charlie advised to look into physical security (open ports on servers, etc) and social security.

2nd Idea

Hacking into an air gapped device. Air gapped means that none of the devices interfaces have connectivity to the internet. Many believe this secures their device. I could look into and possibly use my own devices to test on.

3rd Idea

Today, everyone has some sort of digital footprint. I could envision writing software, that given parameters such as name, DOB, and age, could go on the web and find more information about that person.

Thanks to Charlie for helping guide me to finding these ideas.

CS388 – Week 1 – First Idea

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  1. Name of Your Project

Penetration testing to show the weaknesses of businesses

  • What research topic/question your project is going to address?

What results can be gained from businesses investing in someone do penetration  

  • What technology will be used in your project

Personal computer & Network Adapter

  • What software and hardware will be needed for your project?

Kali Linux OS, Virtual Box

  • How are you planning to implement?

Using the Network Adapter and Kali Linux’s built in features, access to a specific network becomes easier. Goals are described at the beginning and the attack is centered around those goals.

  • How is your project different from others? What’s new in your project?

Other than Byron Roosa who graduated a few years ago, I am the only student who has had a security interest so this makes my project unique from others. My project is centered around helping the community. A penetration tests sole purpose is to help a business detect security flaws.

  • What’s the difficulties of your project? What problems you might encounter during your project?

An obvious difficulty with my project is the legality associated with hacking. Getting a business to allow me to do this would take some convincing. Learning to navigate Kali Linux correctly would also be a difficulty.