CS 488 – Week 3 – Update

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This past week I have really dug into my physical testing. Using Kali Linux and a wireless adapter (supports monitor mode), I was able to use commands to see which networks were available and from there, I could see all of the clients connected to each network. However, I only could see the BSSID (MAC Address) of each device, nothing more. I then went in to WireShark which showed me a little more data. I could potentially see what type of device it was. However, all data was encrypted in ECSecure. Trying to break the encryption was hard as we have hundred of users with different passwords. It’s not just a single password for the ECSecure network (that would be too easy to break). I plan to continue this testing and see what else I can find through ECOpen.

I have also started to set-up my Social Engineering experiment that way everything is ready when the start date arrives.

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