CS388- Week4- Update

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For this week, I created my annotated bibliographies for 2 papers of each of my 3 ideas. I also spoke with Charlie and refined 2 of 3 ideas. For my penetration testing idea, instead of making the project solely on the technical side, I want to basically have three phases of this project- technical, social, and physical. I plan to speak w/ Brendan Post in ITS and see how I could implement this at Earlham. I’d plan to publish the results of this testing to where other schools could do something similar.

In regards to the bibliography, one of my ideas is tracking Digital Footprints of users and I found a paper where the researchers created their own piece of software that was a blend of a password manager and an auditing service. I thought of being able to do something similar and create my own piece of software but with additional features.

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