CS388 – Week 1 – First Idea

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  1. Name of Your Project Iterative solvers for systems of Linear Equations
  2. What research topic/question your project is going to address? The effectiveness of various iterative methods at finding solutions to systems linear equations with various characteristics. Taking experimental / numerical analysis perspectives.
  3. What technology will be used in your project? C++ for implementing the solvers.
  4. What software and hardware will be needed for your project? Cluster, or some other computer with sufficient memory for the testing.
  5. How are you planning to implement? Choose a class of iterative solvers and test them against various types of matrices.
  6. How is your project different from others? What’s new in your project? It is closer to some of the more theory oriented projects, but leans heavily towards applied mathematics.
  7. What’s the difficulties of your project? What problems you might encounter during your project? The theory of iterative solvers is quite heavy on numerical analysis, which might limit the scope of the project to a a further restricted class of solvers.

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