CS 388 – Week 2 – Three Ideas

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Breakdown of Mathematical Proofs Using Natural Language Processing

I wish to use natural language processing to break down a bachelor-level mathematical proof into the components that make up a proof (e.g. given knowledge, statements, calculations). This will be shown in a GUI so that the user can clearly see the build-up of their proof. Without constraints of time, some more technologies could be applied (machine learning) to give feedback to the user of the strength of their proof.

WhatsUp! : A Passive Event-Sharing Application for Friends

This application will enable a user to check on friends current/planned activities through a simple feed or calendar. Events will have scheduled times, lists of “agreed” participants, and the location. They can be confirmed events, or requests for an event, such as someone looking to go to Walmart at a certain time. Privacy settings could be configured to those in a Geo-Area, or to a specific list of friends, and notifications could also be customized.

Extensive Music Recommendation Website

This website will allow users to input songs and/or attribute values to return recommendations. Users will be able to view detailed analysis of their input tracks attributes and can search also with track attributes (e.g. acousticness, energy, speechiness). This will be done with the Spotify API.

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