CS388 – Week 3 – Update

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Idea: Breakdown of Mathematical Proofs Using Natural Language Processing

I wish to use natural language processing to break down a bachelor-level mathematical proof into the components that make up a proof (e.g. given knowledge, statements, calculations). This will be shown in a GUI so that the user can clearly see the build-up of their proof. Without constraints of time, some more technologies could be applied (machine learning) to give feedback to the user of the strength of their proof.


No update to this idea.

Character Description Generation from Novels

I want to use natural language processing to allow a user to enter a character’s name (fictional or non-fictional) in whatever PDF they please, and have the algorithm generate a list of facts/short descriptive paragraph about the character. This could be useful when doing novel summaries, studying history and remembering the roles of persons, etc.


This idea is new and came after a discussion with Charlie that my previous ideas were not too interesting ideas (ie. not much room for expansion, not much coding).

Photo to LaTex Generation

This idea came while looking over some of my math notes and wanting to digitalize them. After looking online, the technology does not seem to be there, with some very primitive attempts. I would like to attempt myself at allowing someone to digitalize their math notes in LaTex form. It would require symbolic and natural language processing, potentially machine learning upon more investigation.


This is also a new idea, again discussed with Charlie after doubts about the previous idea.

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