CS388 – Week 3 – Update

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As suggested by Charlie, I chose a new direction for my third idea:
Name of Your Project? Geosocial Weight Algorithm
What research topic/question your project is going to address? Lots of social networks, including, for example, one that I created with my classmates last year, use geolocation services to sort data. Our social network uses location to not only sort and tag data, but to filter what is available to the user. 
What technology will be used in your project? Location APIs, React Native (assuming that I build on to the pre-existing app we have built), Geosocial algorithms.
What software and hardware will be needed for your project? Requirements might include access to Apple devices for development and testing, such as a mac/macbook (could use one in hopper, or another lab), and some version of iPhone for testing, if making a mobile app is the most effective.
How are you planning to implement?  Assuming I continue to work on the same basic network that we already began to set up, my implementation would continue in react native. We already have the basic framework of a social networking app, but I think it would be a good foundation on which to apply my ideas for geosocial algorithms
How is your project different from others? What’s new in your project? My main idea for this is to create an algorithm which can efficiently update the viewable radius of a post based on the feedback from other users in the area. This algorithm would have to take many things into account, such as the population density, user density, post density, and how much positive and negative feedback should affect the geographic radius of each post.
What’s the difficulties of your project? What problems you might encounter during your project? Programming in react-native can be a bit of a challenge. This algorithm could be very complex, so it might get tricky to work with.

After updating my ideas, I picked out 5-7 articles for each of my ideas, quickly finding an abundance of relevant material. I also set up a meeting at the writing center this weekend to discuss how to get started writing, and I will start reading into the articles I found soon. I plan to try and meet with Charlie again soon to discuss my strategy moving forward, and to talk about the quality of the sources I aquired this week.

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