CS388 – Week 9 – Update

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For this week, I started working on NetLogo, the software that I plan to use to create the simulation model for my project. I looked into the tutorials and the sample models library. NetLogo has its own programming language and development environment, so I spent quite some time to study its ecosystem. I also created a simple simulation model that read a file containing elevation information, display the elevation in different shades of green, built some fire sources and let them spread to places where elevation was smaller than 500. All of my notes for NetLogo can be found in Box.

Charlie and I also discussed my design for the project. For now I will focus on four types of input: Wind, Elevation, Temperature, and Humidity. First I will explore them individually to see how each affects my model. Then I will combine them, two at a time, to explore their combined effect on the model.

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