CS388 – Week 12 – Update

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Project Repo

In the past week, I have used my peer review from Jordan, as well as my own proof-reading of a physical copy of my draft to fix a lot of errors. I wrote my draft in a bit of a rush, and as a result, there were a lot of formatting errors, most of which I have now fixed. I have also updated some of my diagrams in accordance with feedback I have received and expanded some content in my draft that needed to be clarified.

In addition to working on my draft, I have been working on my project itself (preliminary work can be found in the git repo). I created a mockup GUI to give me some ideas about how I want to design the actual version next semester, as well as testing some implementations of different filters, operators, and edge detectors. Some of these results will hopefully be represented in the next version of my draft.

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