Update up to 2/5/2020

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This past month i have been mostly working with getting everything for my project working and fighting some major issues. The first issue that has been almost solved is that the NorthStar uses DisplayPort out while my computer only has an HDMI port and a MiniDisplayPort in. Turns out HDMI outputs are not compatible with DisplayPort and so the adapter i got to do that does not appear to work. I am investigating getting the proper port by the end of this current week.

The other issue i had to fight was the fact that for a week and a half, i did not have my primary computer since it was broken and needed to be repaired. I had a much less good backup computer that i used to test the hypothesis above, so i was not entirely useless during that time.

This coming week and weekend, i am hoping to have a fully functioning environment running and have the ability to display tracked hands in the headset, depending on the availability of an adapter.

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