Project Description: Gender Bias Detection Using Facebook Reactions

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Gender bias on Facebook might be measured by analyzing the difference in reactions on posts by women or men. My project is studying bias on Facebook pages of United States politicians using Facebook Reactions and post comments. Specifically, I am focusing on politicians running for US Senate in 2020. Data is being collected from Facebook pages of the politicians using a crawler and will be into a database. 

The data will be analyzed by performing sentiment analysis on the comments and using an entropy function on the reactions for each post. The comment analysis is both focused on whether a comment contains more negative or positive words, and if it contains more personal or professional related words. My hypothesis is that female politicians may have comments directed at them that are both more negative, and more focused on personal issues. I am using an entropy function on the reactions to each post to measure how divided the reactions are. Related work used an entropy function on reactions to measure the controversy of a post. My hypothesis is that, in general, posts by female politicians will be more controversial than posts by male politicians.

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