CS 388 – Week 6 Updates

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I have decided on the project I will be working on as my senior project. I have talked to Charlie about it, discuss my ideas regarding this project. He will be my advisor for the project. I have found 10 more papers and a couple of technologies I might be using. I have also found the datasets of food and recipes I will be using for my project.

My final idea is nutrition management and recipe recommendation system. Users will be able to scan the ingredients they have using the app and the app will recommend recipes using the user input they have put before such as any allergies, or food they don’t want to or cannot consume. The next step of my project will be the calorie estimation of food the user will consume. For this part, I plan to use a texture mapping and scanning for the optimum estimation of calories, and ingredients. For the privacy issues, I plan to have users scan their face on the first use of the app and have an API that will determine whether the current user is the user of this account. I am still thinking about possible ways to detect liquid ingredients and seasonings of the food.

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