Senior Projects 2024

Senior Projects 2023


Tra-Vaughn James – Constructing a Modular Ancient DNA dating Pipeline using WDL

Irisa Shrestha – COVID19 Sentiment Analysis

Wisdom Boinde – Personalised Voice Recognition Program

Demi Bolatimi – Ethinicity Classification Machine Learning Model

Juan Junco – Generic Summary Generation to Produce a Highlighted Version of Documents

Darab Ali Qasimi – Age Detection using Neural Networks and Machine Learning

Sarthak Sharma – Identifying Bird Sounds

Ana Verulidze – Detecting typographic, particle, and sentence formation errors in JLPT N5 sentences using a rules-based system

Egan White

Katrina Ziebarth – Integration of Database Management Systems and Video Game Engines for Optimal and Sub-Optimal Pathfinding



Overpower Gore – Using Machine Learning to Predict Social Unrest

Hailee Dang – Flower Recognition Using Machine Learning

Ihsan Alaeddin – Detecting Fake News Using Machine Learning

Andex Nguyen – Covid-19 Reception Rate in South East Asian Countries

Demi Bolatimi – African Language Classification Model

Ted Jacquet – Stock Trading & Investment Advisory

Darab Ali Qasimi – Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Data Analysis

Mana Yoshikawa – Exploring Topics and Word Used in Different Media

Senior Projects 2022


Tamara Blagojevic – Clandestine Grave Detection through Near-infrared and Visual Light Aerial Image Analysis

Jarred Costa – Research on DIY kit for a Portable Low-Cost Air-Quality Sensor-System

Uyen Nguyen – Movie Recommender System – Tuning Asymmetric Singular Value Decomposition

Liam Peachey – Parameterized Maze Generation Algorithm for Specific Difficulty Maze Generation

Andrew Strozewski – Detecting malicious URLs with incremental machine learning

Ali Farahmand – Cancer metastasis detection using CNNs and transfer learning

Linh Ta – Chest X-Ray Abnormalities Detection with a focus on Infiltration

Lam Hoang – Applying and Comparing 1D-CNN Architectures in Music Genre

Abdul Khurshid – Cryptocurrency Price Prediction using Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning


Devin Basley – NHL Win Probability Model

Adla Burza – How To Make Your Song Trending on Spotify

Khoa Nguyen – Deep Learning in Drug Development

Phan Nguyen

Dai Nguyen Ba – The comparison of car accident fatality rate between
developed and developing countries

Hailee Dang – A new metric on predicting a stock performance

CS488 Senior Projects 2021

Davit Kvartskhava – Offline text-independent writer identification by learning the global feature vectors via triplet CNN [Paper][Poster]

Yujeong Lee – Digitizing Unpublished Cuneiform Tablets: Automated Image Post-Production Pipeline [Paper][Poster]

Joel Micheal Nti-Kyeremeh – Sarcasm Detection Using Neural Nets [Paper][Poster]

Kate Nguyen – An Integrated Model for Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Netowkrs [Paper][Poster]

Muskan Uprety – Using Online Sentiment to Predict Stock Price Movement [Paper][Poster]

Benjamin Paff – Algorithms for Creating and Grading Congressional District Maps [Paper][Poster]

Yanzhi Li – Building MirageOS on Linux and Improvement to an OpenSource Project Solo5 [Paper][Poster]

Eliza Vardanyan – Finding correlation between fake news and corrosponding sentiment analysis [Paper][Poster]

Thuy Thai – Wildfire Simulation Program [Paper][Poster]

Phi Nguyen – Peer-to-peer char application using Hole-punching technique [Paper][Poster]

Pyone Thant Win – Image-based Fruit Calories Esimation using 3D Dimensions [Paper][Poster]

CS488 Senior Projects 2020

Yuqian Zhang – An Integrated Speaker Verification System useing MFCC and CNN [Paper][Poster]

Ryan Webb

Sari Stissi – A Functional and Scaleable User Platform for Automatic Fake News Detection [Paper][Poster]

Aakarsh Sinha – Machine Learning Models for Predicting and Modeling More Engaging Buisness Manuscripts [Paper][Poster]

Porter Libby – Composite Edge Detection in Convolutional Neural Networks [Paper][Poster]

Gyeongeun Lee – A Content-based Skincare Product Recommendation System [Paper][Poster]

Aditya Karan Kamireddy – Parks Puzzle is NP-Complete [Paper][Poster]

Lillian Gray – Gender Bias Detection Using Facebook Reactions [Paper][Poster]

Ali Gokcelioglu – Enhancement of Food Images Via Machine Learning [Paper][Poster]

Jordan Christian – Penetration Testing Using a Triangular Approach [Paper][Poster]

Vuong Khuat

Anh Dang – Cancer Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms [Paper][Poster]

Lam Dang – Negation-Based Sentiment Analysis in Review [Paper][Poster]

Laurence Ruberl – A Dynamic User Interface Generated from JSON for Augmented and Virtual Reality Systems Using the Leap Motion Sensor [Paper][Poster]

Aleksandr Sergeev – An Application of Semantic Relation Extraction Models [Paper][Poster]

Adarsh Singh – Smart Library Management System [Paper][Poster]

Charles Drew-Wolak

CS488 Senior Projects 2019

Ahsan Khoja – 3D-Quantify: A workflow for generating Volume of an object using 2D images and Structure from Motion [Paper][Poster]

Ali Shahram Musavi – A Self-service System Using RFID [Paper][Poster]

Daiki Akiyoshi – Evaluating machine learning algorithms for stock market prediction [Paper][Poster]

Daniel Stoffregen – Keypoint Extraction and Analysis: Comparing Common Approaches to Image Merging [Paper][Poster]

Ethan Rountree – ColorSynth: An Audiovisual Tool for Understanding Harmonic Ratios [Paper][Poster]

Giorgi Kharshiladze – Using Heart Rate and Body Movement Data to Determine the Optimal Wake-up Time [Paper][Poster]

Herschel Darko – Combining heuristics with neural networks [Paper][Poster]

Justin Kerobo – Open-Source 3D Audio Sequencer for Sound and Musical Recognition in MaxMSP using HOA Library and Jitter [Paper][Poster]

Karan Shrestha – Lip Reading using Neural Network and Deep learning [Paper][Poster]

Priscilla Coronado – Testing the Efficiency of the Elo ranking algorithm and Reddits Hot Rank algorithm [Paper][Poster]

Sara Salloum – An Artistic Data Visualization of Pollution at Earlham College [Paper][Poster]

Shana Weissman – Database Indexing: Time Series Simulation Comparing R-tree and Inverted Index [Paper][Poster]

Vuong Khuat – Music Recommendation Using Collaborative Filtering [Paper][Poster]

Yuki Adams – Using Gesture Recognition to Navigate Google Chrome [Paper][Poster]

Benjamin Folk-Sullivan – Feasibility Study of the Usage of Blockchain Technology in Online Privacy Protection [Paper][Poster]

Chau Pham – Gerrymandering and Graph Partitioning: Approaches to Population Division Models [Paper][Poster]

Eli Ramthun – Evolutionary Development of an AI Agent for Games Featuring Procedurally Generated Content [Paper][Poster]

Flannery Currin – Modeling How Screen Readers Parse Data Visualizations [Paper][Poster]

Maniz Shrestha – Detecting Fake News with Sentiment Analysis and Network Metadata [Paper][Poster]

Mihn Vu – Political News Bias Detection using Machine Learning [Paper][Poster]

Rei Rembeci – Detecting Textual Analogies Using Semi-Supervised Learning [Paper][Poster]

CS488 Senior Projects 2017

Ashutosh Rai – Robyn: A Natural Language Interface to Database System for Medicine [Paper][Poster]

Ben Liebersohn – Twitter Map Reduce Methods and Results [Paper][Poster]

Bret Marshall – A Non-invasive Appliance and Application for Remote Washing Machine Monitoring [Paper][Poster]

Craig Earley – Measuring User Preferences for Web Presentations Using Open-Source Tools and a Holistic Approach [Paper][Poster]

Daniel Wilson – Optimizing Number of Keyframes to Improve Compression of MPEG-4 Files [Paper][Poster]

Deeksha Srinath – Cross-Platform Social Media Data Modeling [Paper][Poster]

Edward Ly – Open-Source Gesture Recognition for Virtual Orchestra Conducting Using the Kinect [Paper][Poster]

Jonathan Hicks – Emotion Detection Using OpenCV for Automatic Facial Recognition [Paper][Poster]

Samual Kahsay – Automating the Organizing Process for PDF Files [Paper][Poster]

SawYan Naung – EARL: Earlham Augmented ReaLity Campus Tour Application [Paper][Poster]

Tuguldur Baigalmaa – Compressing Deep Neural Networks [Paper][Poster]

These are papers/projects that were done in the past, before our move to portfolios and WordPress.

CS488 Senior Projects 2015

Sadie Coughlin-Prego – Data Sculpture [An Alternative Medium of Communication] – Paper PDF, Poster PDF

George Crowson – A Flexible Social Network Visualization – Paper PDF

Wilson Lin – Classification of Stars and Galaxies Using A Support Vector Machine Approach – Paper PDF

Kristin Muterspaw – “SketchIt! Or Some Other Clever Name” A Google Glass Application for Classical Studies – Paper PDF

Bryce Rainey – A Low-Cost Device for Flood Disaster Preparation Using an Arduino Board – Paper PDF

CS488 Senior Projects 2012

Leif DeJong – Access by Anyone from Anywhere on Anything – Paper PDF

CS488 Senior Projects 2007

Dylan Leeman – Topic Modeling with Latent Dirichlet Allocation – Paper PDF