CS388 – Week 9 – Updates

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  • I’ve been working on the Lit Review and Proposal Outline this week and I finally finished the Lit Review fully.
  • My Lit Review included sections on:
    • Data sets: what kind of data has been tested and what do they extract from the data to use as a way of identifying misinformation
    • Identification/Classification Methods: what approaches did people take to test the data and have it respond with whether or not it was fake news
    • Prototype Design Consideration: some papers outlined what a good prototype detector should have or be used for and that is something I want to deliver on so it was important I note what I found
  • The Proposal was a bit challenging
    • While drawing designs, I realized that there are a lot of parts to my idea (not that it’s unfeasible though) so I’ll have to sit down and not only figure out a good overall framework but good designs for all the smaller parts
    • I also struggled with the methodology, budget, and timeline section because my framework is very much in flux since I actually need to figure out what works before doing the meat of my project.

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